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Metals information


It's an alloy of copper and zinc and is versatile, strong, and affordable. This allows for a piece to be a gold color without the higher price. The downside is that brass will oxidize and change color over time. BUT! You can remove oxides in a couple ways. Brass oxide can be removed with an acid such as vinegar or ketchup. My preferred method is to put the brass jewelry in a shallow dish with white vinegar for 5-10 minutes. Immediately rinse and dry to avoid water spots. DO NOT USE THIS METHOD WITH PIECES THAT HAVE CORAL OR PEARLS. It will eat the top layer and matte the pearls/coral.

You may also use very fine #0000 steel wool or a polishing cloth made for jewelry to buff off any unwanted discoloring.

There are some designs that are only available in this metal because of a design element that I can only find in brass. 

Copper (a majority of the brass alloy) will turn your skin green with close contact. The other three metals will be a better option if this concerns you.

Sterling Silver

The bright silver option of silver colored metals I offer. Sterling is 7.75% copper which gives it strength and rigidity but also can cause some tarnishing over time. You can clean the oxides off with a polish cloth or pad. Silver should not turn your skin green but it's not unheard of. I want to stress that it's very uncommon for this to happen. 

Gold Filled

This metal option is a layer of gold mechanically bonded to a brass center. It's 5% gold by weight versus gold plated that is a microscopic layer of gold on base metal. This is an economic alternative to solid gold. With normal wear it should last years. If you are concerned about your skin turning green this is the option you want.


The most hypoallergenic option. It is a darker grey than silver with a matte finish. It will not oxidize and should not require cleaning. Right now this comes in a few gauges of wire I use but not sheet metal so it's not available as a replacement or option for everything. All ear wires can be made with titanium if you'd like, though! There's no copper in titanium so this metal will not discolor your skin.


Caring for your jewelry (What to avoid): 
  • Avoid wearing jewelry in the ocean or pool. Saltwater and chlorine can damage the metal.
  • Remove your jewelry before you go to the gym. There are a lot of natural chemicals in sweat - don't risk mixing them!
  • Avoid direct contact with products such as perfume, sunscreen, hairspray, and lotions. Harsh chemicals may cause damage.
  • If you can, prevent sleeping in your jewelry. Close contact with your body's chemical make-up can create build up on the metal. 

Some components, materials, stones, or crystals may become damaged, break down or become tangled beyond repair.

Repairs and Replacements

Contact me about repairs (such as broken or tangled chains or wire) and replacements. For earrings I charge wholesale for half to replace one! I will also gladly replace ear wires and jump rings that have been worn over time!

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